Healing Trauma With Yoga

                                                                                                      JEN STUART







This is an opportunity to truly learn the language of your body.

Be confident in daily living, be empowered in your choices, be resilient in your relationships and be motivated for your aspirations.

Discover and do the things in life you love with the people you love.

This unique programme is here to transform emotional trauma into emotional resilience. Be empowered. 

To get it out, we must first gently go in. 




You Have Landed Here

For A Reason

You have the choice to trust that reason,

or to discard and continue carrying around

the weight of trauma.

If you decide to read on, know that you are in a safe

place. This unique programme is here to transform your

emotional trauma into empowerment

What You Will Receive

  • Your unique log into the Healing Trauma With Yoga portal
  • Ability to deepen understanding of why you may feel a certain way, getting to know trauma to change your relationship with trauma
  • Additional option for private sessions with me via Zoom (or face to face if local). We will have one per week, and you can book at a time that is convenient for you.
  • These private sessions online are an opportunity for you to ask any questions, explore specific practices for your healing journey, work on your goals and inspire aspirations. 
  • You will also receive audio content that will be released week by week, again you can go through in your own time. 
  • Audios will share a range of practices from breath, mindfulness, meditation, somatic, soothing and more.
  • You will also receive video content that will be released week by week, again you can go through in your own time. The videos are a guided Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice with specific explorations each week to unlock trauma(s) held in body in a safe and responsible way.
  • You will receive written information via PDF that can be downloaded for your own reading if you would like.
  • You will also receive a journalling booklet each week for you to explore what has been happening for you.
  • Throughout the programme you will also be able to contact me anytime, I am here to support you along your healing journey.

Here To Serve You

To find out if this programme aligns for you, book a FREE consultation with me, Jen, click here to book now.

Jen Stuart

Coming from a background of personal trauma, leading her into specialising in yoga for trauma. The integration of trauma, reconnection to the self and embodiment are trickled throughout her classes, practice & life. Jen works intuitively to the individual/group each time.

Also teaching Classical Hatha Yoga, holding space to decondition the body & mind, reconnect to the present moment and being.

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Australia
  • Yoga 4 Trauma – Yoga Alliance Member
  • Yoga and the Traumatised Body – Yoga for Trauma Australia
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training – Yoga Alliance Member
  • Mental Health First Aid Australia
  • Embodied Healing Yoga for Trauma, CE Yoga Alliance
  • Level 3 Diploma of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, S.A.C, Dip
  • Diploma of Comprehensive Thai Massage (Level 1-2-3)
  • RYT (Classical Hatha) – Yoga Alliance Member


Potential Of The Programme

    • Mindful reactions when stimuli comes up and therefore calmer, in balance and less stressed
    • Listen to your internal sensations and make appropriate choices
    • Ability to deepen understanding of why you may feel a certain way, getting to know trauma to change your relationship with trauma
    • Less overwhelm, less stress
    • Better sleep quality
    • Increased mobility in the physical body, resulting in flexibility and confidence
    • By submerging in this programme, you will create more spare time for yourself to do what you love / find out what it is you love
    • Get to know yourself and how to care for yourself properly
    • Tools for an ongoing meditation practice
    • This 8 week programme helps as it creates structure in your week, when you feel ready to look at the content, through mindful, fun and unique ways to come into being
    • Understand what sensations in your body are telling you and learning to listen from your internal experiences
    • Know how to move from discomfort to comfort
    • Self regulate
    • Able to stabilise emotions and irrational behaviour
    • Freedom

Inside The Programme

Yoga Portal

A unique log username and password allowing access into the Healing Trauma With Yoga portal. An online platform where all content will be available. 

Email Support

Throughout the programme you can contact me (Jen Stuart) anytime via email. Along with one on one Zoom calls you will also have unlimited email support.

PDF Ebook

Downloadable Ebooks for you to go through when you are ready for further understanding and insight.

Video Content

Eight guided healing trauma with yoga videos available to be viewed in your own time. Gentle and specific explorations each week to unlock trauma(s) held in body in a safe and responsible way. These can be paused, rewound, rewatched – everything is your choice.

Audio Content

Audio content released week by week through the programme. You can revisit and download. A series of tools for self regulation in daily living. 

Private Sessions

Additional Opportunity To Do The Work: We can book sessions at a time to suit you, via a platform called Zoom. Allocate 1 hour per session. An opportunity for you to have a 100% tailored session with no expectations. Giving you exactly what you need, moment to moment. 

Journaling Book

It is recommended you allow time for journalling. This is an opportunity to notice what is coming up. You can free write, you can draw you can just let whatever needs to come out come out. These are just for you. There is no expectation, just simply exploration. 

Communities Experiences

“I chose to do this course to help with my clinical anxiety.

I did the course not knowing what to expect but found it to be extremely helpful and gave me so many tools that I can take in daily life.

I absolutely found the course beneficial. Allowed me to unload some of the “baggage” I have been carrying as well as showing me ways to help in daily life with my trauma, stress and anxiety.

Jen is a wise, calm and caring soul.”


“I would recommend this course as it helps people with trauma to begin feeling their body in relation to their pain, but without fear.

Jen is very effective as a facilitator – great voice for the work she does.

The course was delivered very clearly and all my needs were met.”


“When I participated in Jens yoga workshop for trauma I felt that Jen had created a beautiful, safe and warm environment where I was able to completely let go. Jen has the skills, expertise and the compassion to allow you to be at ease in your body and safe in your environment and is there ready to support and guide if and when something arises. I recommend Jen’s classes to anyone who has experienced any traumatic experience past or present.”


“I would recommend the course as it provides ways/tools to deal with trauma.

Jen is calming, centred, kind, grounded/grounding and knowledgeable.

I found the course beneficial as it helped me centre and calm my anger felt from trauma.

Thank you for providing us with a safe, warm and comfortable space conductive to healing.”


“Coming to Jen’s sessions has been a real help with anxiety and stress from my day to day life.

The relaxed way she runs through class makes it very achievable and I always leave with a bounce in my step.

I definitely found the course beneficial. I struggle with other yoga due to pain from my fibromyalgia. Jen makes any style achievable and the way she walks us though it makes me feel as though I can do it all.


“Highly recommend Jen and her Trauma Yoga Class.

Well worth the money and taking time for yourself.

The course helped give me ideas to take home, a safe environment “me time”.

Jen is very professional and calming. Easy voice to listen to, no pressure.

Help to heal and focus mind and body.”